Nana’s Bottoms – Newborn

$9 each, $8.5 for aqua
$85 for all
soft insides, sticky velcro, good elastic

yellow, mint, dark blue, brown
white, mint, aqua (light staining)
red, teal, blue gray

Lil Joeys – Newborn

$11 each for green and gray, $10 each for purple and turquoise
$60 for all
light staining on inners. picture of worst stain.

green, 3 gray
purple and turquoise – I’m not 100% positive these are Lil Joeys. They look just like them but don’t have tags.

lil joeys aio

lil joeys aio inners

lil joeys aio staining

Grovia – Newborn

$11 each, $40 for all
yellow, pink, 2 pink pattern (light staining)

Grovia nb aio


$7 each, $25 for all XS, $13 for both S, $36 for all
XS – green, yellow, 2 pink (velcro stained pink)
S – mint green, purple

aio bum genius xs and s

aio bum genius xs and s inners

Bubby Bums – Small and AI2 – S Dream-Eze and S Unknown

$6 each, $10 for both
red, orange Bubby Bums – bamboo inners

$6 each, $10 for both
purple Dream-Eze
pink Unknown (small rip by snaps)

aio bubby bums dreameze unknown

aio bubby bums dreameze unknown inners

aio bubby bums dreameze unknown tear

XS Wonderworks and S Bumware

Some of these aren’t waterproof, but I can’t remember which ones. I would recommend using a cover.
$12 for all
XS Wonderworks – pink, yellow, green, blue
S Bumware – blue, dark yellow, yellow
aio wonderworks bumware


Thirsties Duo Sz 1 pockets

$10 each, $110 for all
sticky velcro, good elastic, excellent PUL. each comes with a Duo insert.
2 green, 2 teal, 3 trees, orange, white, blue, 2 stripes

XS and S pockets

XS Fuzzibunz white – $6
New Alva Newborn – white, vines – $7 each, $12 for both
S Tailfeathers red – $6
S Swaddlebees purple – $8
S Green Acre Designs blue – $8
pocket fb alva tailfeath swaddleb gad

Sunbaby – OS

Girly – $6.50 each, $30 for 5, $85 for all
2 elephant, 2 pink floral, 2 brown floral, 2 green floral, 2 red floral, pink plaid, apples, 3 pink
pockets os sunbaby girl

Boyish/Neutral – $6.50 each, $50 for all
brown, red, abstract, argyle, 4 white

pockets os sunbaby neutral

Kawaii OS

$6.50 each, $72 for all
2 yellow, 2 dark blue, green, lime green, 2 light blue, dalmatians, 3 red
pocket os kawaii neutral

New Kawaii OS

$8 each, $85 for all
2 pink vine, 2 pink dots, tan birds, brown birds, 2 brown dots
cow, black vine, green paisley, blue animals
new pocket OS kawaii girl

new pocket OS kawaii neutral

New Sunbaby OS

$8 each, $15 for both
floral, paisley
new pocket os sunbaby

Fuzzibunz Small

$7 each, $65 for all
light pink, 2 pink, dark pink, orange, green, red, light yellow, yellow, brown
pocket fb s girl

pocket s fb neutral

BumGenius and Fuzzibunz

$6 each, $30 for all
Large BumGenius blue, OS Bumgenius yellow, OS Bumgenius pink snap, OS Bumgenius dark pink, OS Bumgenius pink velcro, OS Fuzzibunz pink
pocket os bg and fb

OS Unknown

$7 for 2, $10 for all
gray velour, polka dot velour, 2 pink
pocket os unknown velour pink

Preston’s Pants – Small

pink velour/purple fleece inner
pocket prestons pants s pocket prestons pants s inner


Nana’s Bottoms & Kissaluvs

Nana’s Bottoms (newborn) – $8 each, $20 for all
Pink animals (flannel inner), turquoise elephants (velour inner), blue moons (velour inner)

Kissaluvs (size 0)
$8 each soft, $7 each not so soft, $50 for all
Soft – peach, purple, 2 cream
Not so soft – 3 cream


WAHM fitted – Newborn

New – $7 each, $42 for all
elephants, pink, zoo 1, zoo 2, zoo 3, yellow stars, red hearts
Used – $7 for all
3 owls (some small holes that don’t affect function)


Scribble Dibbles

$10 each, $35 for all
racecar, alphabet, baby feet, green corduroy (includes velour prefold)

scribble dibbles fitted
scribble dibbles fitted inners

Thirsties, CYC, and Unknown

XS Thirsties orange – $10
S/M Cover your Clovers cream – $10
NB Unknown- turquoise velour, orange/green fleece, monkey fleece – $7 each, $20 for all

misc fitted
misc fitted inners

Prefolds and Prefitteds

Megaroos Extended Tab Prefolds

$11 each, $40 for all girly, $50 for all neutral, $85 for all
Girly – pink giraffes, hearts, pigs, pink oogabooga
Neutral – snails, blue dots, rainbow hearts, green hearts, flowers

megaroos extended tab prefolds girl megaroos extended tab prefolds girl inners
megaroos extended tab prefolds boy megaroos extended tab prefolds boy inners

Cloth-eze Workhorse – newborn

$6 each, $70 all bleached, $45 all unbleached, $100 all
Prepped but never used.
12 bleached, 8 unbleached
clotheez workhorse prefitteds bleached

clotheez workhorse prefitteds unbleached


$2.50 each, 10 or more $2 each, $110 for all
White edge prefolds 11×7.5 – 27 (1 with staining)
yellow edge 12×12 – 7 (minimal staining)
white edge 13×10 – 6
red edge 10.5×10.5 – 22 (some minor staining, 2 with major staining pictured)
white edge 17×11.5 – 1
red edge 10.5x10.5 red edge major staining

white edge 11x7.5 white edge 17x11.5

white edge staining yellow edge 12x12

yellow edge staining



$8ppd each, $65ppd for all
sticky velcro, excellent PUL, some pilling
S navy, S purple dot, S purple, S pink, M mint, sz1 trees, sz1 brown, (2) sz1 green

Proraps – Newborn

$4ppd each, $30ppd for 8
minor pilling, excellent PUL, sticky velcro, some yellowing on velcro.
proraps prorap-ywllowing

Imse Vimse

$7ppd each, $40ppd for all 6
Minor pilling around legs. These fit my newborn best.
4 preemie white, 1 preemie zoo, 1 newborn white

Diaperap – Small

$5ppd each, $22ppd for all
minor pilling around legs.
3 white, 2 puppy


Literaps and Bummis Super Whisper Wraps

$6ppd each, $22 for all
minor pilling
Literap newborn print, Bummis small floral, Bummis small white, Unknown small owl


Wool and Fleece


$6 each, $45 for all
Unknown size – rainbow stripe, black stripe with drawstring, brown/red
Newborn – green, pastel stripe, and sweet pea
3-6 months – red plaid, off-white

Fleece Stacinator

fleece stacinator