I offer very competitive rates on proofreading and line editing.

Line Editing

I will address word choice, inconsistencies, clarity, proper tense usage, point of view, repetitive use of words and phrases, unnecessary words and sentences, and areas that need expanding. I will also correct typos, spelling, and grammar and perform basic fact checking.

Fiction: $0.02 – $0.025 per word
Non-fiction: $0.025 – $0.03 per word


I will correct typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and misuse of homonyms. I will remove duplicate words and formatting errors.

Fiction: $0.01- $0.015 per word
Non-fiction: $0.015 – $0.02 per word

Final Pass

This service is meant to be a final check after all other editing is completed. I will look for any errors that slipped through the cracks, including typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, misuse of homonyms, duplicate words, and incorrect formatting.

For a Final Pass, I charge a reading fee of $0.003 per word plus $2 per error found. The reading fee is payable up front, and per error charges will be billed upon completion. If I find a large number of errors, I may recommend a proofread instead, as it may end up being more cost-effective for you.

In order to give you an accurate quote, I will request a 5 page sample of your manuscript. All quotes are valid for 30 days.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be due at the time of booking. The remaining 50% will be payable upon completion and must be paid before the edit is delivered.

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