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Task #1 - I would like to start cold-emailing potential clients. Write a draft email introducing myself and my services to an author I’ve never met. You can find useful info on my website. Paste the email below or upload a Word document.

Task #2 - Which of these articles would appeal to my target market and why (published authors)? Write a sample tweet sharing the article you choose. (bonus – include relevant hashtags) – Feel free to choose more than one if you have a good reason for choosing them. Paste your response below or upload a Word document.

  1. Why Your Photos Are Losing Business (and What to Do)
  2. Reading as a Cure for the Weary
  3. 5 Simple Ways to Create a More Productive Workspace
  4. How to Bootstrap Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign
  5. Why You Shouldn’t Censor Yourself When Writing