What my clients are saying…

“My first book launch was 2 weeks away and I was crumbling under my to-do list. Enter Jan Lewis, Author Sidekick, who turned out to be everything I’d dreamed of and more. Manage my calendar and all incoming email? Check. Send out daily social media posts? Of course. Jan helped me do everything: a pre-order giveaway, a webinar, landing pages, newsletter sign-up’s, dedicated emails, mass newsletters, a launch party, and more. I never could have made the New York Times Bestseller List without you, Jan!”

Dr. Kelly Turner

New York Times Bestselling Author

“I have been working with Jan for a few months now and am very impressed. She knows how to do just about everything, and what she doesn’t know, she jumps in and learns it fast! She’s extremely creative when it comes to fun promotional ideas.”

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

New York Times Bestselling Author

“I’ve been using Jan at Author Sidekick for a while now and have been very pleased with her services. She’s efficient, knowledgeable, and knows what an author needs from an assistant. Her skills are top notch, meaning I don’t worry about the quality and concentrate on my writing. I would recommend Jan to any author needing help to lighten their administrative and marketing burden.”

Shirleen Davies

Bestselling Romance Author

“Jan is an amazing assistant. Giving up any control is difficult for me to do, but she’s made it marvelously easy. An email asking her to do something, and like magic, it’s done. Not only does she fearlessly jump into anything I ask of her, she remembers to check in on the things I forget to ask her to do—talk about a lifesaver.

She’s given me the ability to concentrate more on my writing, and less on micromanaging much of the business side responsibilities. I highly recommend her services to any author who would like to be able to focus more time on actually writing.”

Andie Devaux

Erotica Author

“Jan Lewis has been an assistant for me personally and for Adventures in YA Publishing for over a year. She has been a treasure. Or more descriptively, she’s the considerate, human version of a particularly reliable windup toy. I assign her a task, usually with very little guidance or explanation, and she runs with it and keeps on going. Not only does she accomplish what I needed her to accomplish, but when the task is done, I usually discover that she has done it faster and more thoroughly than I expected. And half the time, she checks in with an idea that makes the whole project better than I could ever have hoped.

My one complaint about Jan is that she has spoiled me for working with other people! When you find someone you can always count on to do something as well as or better than you could do it yourself, that’s a gift. Jan should come with ribbon and wrapping paper. Or better yet, a superhero cape.

If you’re considering hiring Jan as an author’s assistant, you have my whole-hearted recommendation. Do it. You won’t regret it for a moment.”

Martina Boone

Young Adult Author

“Where has Jan Lewis been all my life?! I’ve never used an author’s assistant before and as my writing career has ramped up the past couple of years I’ve been going crazy trying to do ALL THE THINGS; promotion, speaking prep, power points, social media, Author Newsletters, so I hired Jan and she has been fantastic. A lifesaver! She knows just what I want/need, gets the job done quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes, usually within a few hours. She’s also friendly and enthusiastic to work with, and responds to everything quickly and efficiently. I’m grateful to have Jan accomplish all those publicity/promotion tasks that free up more of my time to do what I’m under contract to do: WRITE.”

Kimberley Griffiths Little

Young Adult and Middle Grade Author

“It is a pleasure to recommend the Virtual Services of Jan Lewis of Author Sidekick. Her professionalism and commitment to quality work is far above all other Virtual Assistants that I have hired previously. Her knowledge and excellence is evident in every assignment, as is the wide and varied scope of work she covers. Her intuitive nature has been a blessing, as she has quickly picked up on my writing style and preferred formatting methods. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about working with the very best.”

Kim Upstone

Nonfiction Author

“Jan is an excellent critical thinker and problem solver. I use Jan for a variety of tasks, including some extra brainpower when I’m coming up with new ideas. She’s able to quickly learn new things, and fearlessly manage intimidating projects. My only complaint is that I don’t have 10 of her!”

Seth Alvo

Owner, Yazuworks LLC